Looking Back at Where We Started – Advice for New FA Parents

Many people come to my page looking for food allergy advice from a teenager’s perspective. But it was through my formative years, when I was unable to make safe food decisions on my own, that I truly learned how to live with food allergies (shout out to my amazing parents!). However, after living so long with food allergies as a part of our lives, whether they are yours or a loved ones’, we sometimes forget what it took to get where we are today – all of the ups and downs, the sleepless nights, the tears, the triumphs…

So what I’m asking you is this: what is your best advice for new parents of children with food allergies? How have you helped your child better understand what to do? How do you cope when it gets tough and scary?

Whether you have a “To Do” or “Not To Do,” please share in the comments below, contact me through my Facebook page, or email me at allergyalli@gmail.com! I look forward to hearing what everyone has to share and I hope that we can provide some helpful insight to those new FA Parents out there that are nervous.

Thank you all in advance!