Reaction Record

After my allergic reaction last Friday, I was thinking about how it had been so long since my last reaction-probably over 2 years ago! Even though its great that it was so long ago, I don’t remember any of the details of that day. I don’t know how I reacted to the allergen or even what the allergen was! So today I wrote down last Friday’s date, and described my allergic reaction. I explained what I ate before hand, what I think I reacted to, and all of the symptoms- which is probably the most important part. I’m going to make this my Reaction Record, and every time I have a reaction (hopefully they are few and far between) I’m going to describe what happens. Maybe this will be of some use to my doctors, or even just to me! I’ll be able to learn more from my past mistakes when I actually remember what they were! I suggest you do the same!
Best of Luck!



Bullying and Food Allergies

Right now, I am sitting in my family room and while half-paying attention to the news, I suddenly heard “Food Allergies” mentioned. My head snapped up and I heard them say that many kids with food allergies are bullied! I immediately looked it up and found this article that shares some information about it! Read the article and tell me what you think!

Bullying and Food Allergies

You Are Not Alone!

you are not alone

Having food allergies is a struggle, my situation yesterday really showed me that. However, I was able to pull through because of my family, and all those that care about me. My mom showed up at my school within 20 minutes, my dad right behind her. My sister immediately came to check in on me. My friend brought me down to the nurse with a lot of concern in her face, and then later with the help of another brought down my backpack when it was obvious I wasn’t going back to class. When I was getting sick, my dad was wiping my face clean, holding an ice pack to my neck. As soon as I got home, my brother expressed his concern for me. He offered to make me toast, and my mom came to check in and see if I was okay multiple times. So many people yesterday showed me how much they cared about me and it was an amazing feeling. I would like to thank all of them! It meant so much to me and truly showed me how I am never alone in the struggle against food allergies, and neither are you!

Allergy Friendly (Not!)

Today was one of those days where I wanted so badly not to have allergies. We were having a class Holiday party today, the last block of the day before winter break. I made Donna’s “Butter” Cookies and they were a great success! Everyone loved them! Another person brought in Lay’s potato chips, which are also allergy friendly! I was quite happy with the food turn out! However, about 1 week ago, my friend told me she was planning on making latkas. She showed me a picture of the ingredient list and told me that they were going to be fried in veggie oil, and that was it. I was excited, I was going to get to try a latka, and it was allergy friendly without any recipe altering! So of course I told her yes, that I can eat them!

However, after eating just one, about 2 inches in diameter, I felt my stomach starting to hurt within the next 20 minutes. At first I just thought, no hoped, that maybe, just maybe, it only hurt because I had eaten too many cookies and chips. But we all know that there is quite a difference between a “belly ache” and an “allergy ache”…they are two completely different feelings. In the next five minutes, I could tell it was a reaction because my body was heating up and my stomach really hurt. My mom and dad arrived in the nurses office soon after that, and when my mom had to leave for a doctors appointment, she told my dad “Take care of my baby girl”. She felt horrible that she couldn’t stay when I was in so much pain, but don’t worry mom, dad took care of me!

As I sat in the nurses office, school ended and everyone went home. But not me, I sat with the nurse and my dad for another hour and a half. Towards the end, I just wanted to throw up, just so I could get everything out of my system, and after starting to have an itchy neck, it finally happened. As soon as I was done, I felt 110% better and I, exhausted after a lot of Benadryl, went home. 

I guess when I told my friend that her latkas were safe for me, I was saying it not because it was true, but because I wanted them so badly to be safe. I let my feelings cloud my judgment, and endangered myself in the process. Today was my first allergy reaction in over 2 years, and I can easily say that it was a learning lesson for me. This time around, I’m going to try to stay allergy free longer!
Wish me Luck!


Things "They" Don’t Think Of

2 years ago, I was scheduled to get braces. But before that was even planned, my mom took me to a dermatologist- for, you guessed it- allergy testing! I was going to be living two years with strips of metal in my mouth, and I definitely didn’t want to be allergic to it!  For 2 whole weeks I had to wear a white bandage on my forearm while the testing was going on…I got many questions from people thinking that I had somehow hurt myself! Fortunately that was not the case. Though it turned out that I am allergic to magnesium- interesting, isn’t it? That a person can be allergic to metal…Well anyway, magnesium was not an “ingredient” in the braces and I set my appointment. I have now been braces free for almost 4 months now and completely allergy safe!

However strange the idea of getting tested for allergies to braces may seem to outsiders of the “allergy world”, it is a natural thought process for anyone with allergies! If anything is going to be in contact with you that you haven’t been in contact with before, it is natural to get tested for it, including braces!It may not be something “they” (non-allergic people that is) would ever understand or even think of, but it’s important to keep yourself safe! So even though it may seem unlikely that you’ll be allergic to it, get tested anyways! As my dad always says “It’s better to be safe than sorry!”
Best of Luck!